Testiclees Edit


Testiclees may not have killed Titanus 3 times but he is still one of Nudonia's greatest warriors and looked up to by many. Broof is without a doubt his biggest fan who he has looked up too ever since he was a kid. Testiclees also loves eating Ostrich Eggs.

Appearance Edit

Testiclees is an aging man with grey hair and beard. His age is unknown but he is still fighting fit whatever that age may be. Testiclees has fought many ferocious beasts and has two scars to prove it - one on his left arm and on on his right. The scar on his left arm was from being bit by a Graboonie. The scar on his right arm was made by a Hydra.

His Quest Edit

Testiclees is on a search for a magic weapon called the Zephyr Blade. Many people said he may be the chosen one but unfortunately he did not know where to find it. Luckily Doraleous told him the Zephyr blade can be found with The Lady of the Lake .

The Greatest Force in Nudonia Edit

Testiclees himself is the greatest force in Nudonia. To recive the Zephyr Blade he was given the task to defeat himself but unfortunatly it couldn't be done, Testiclees was too great and couldn't be defeated.