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Doraleous & Associates is a series developed by the Youtube Channel known as Hank and Jed. The series began hosted by The Escapist in 2010.The series would eventually leave The Escapist and continue the series on the Youtube Channel Machinima Happy Hour in 2012.


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Main CharactersEdit

  • Doraleous (voiced by Nate Panning) - A human swordsman and the owner of Doraleous Castle .
  • Doraleous' associates
    • Drak (voiced by Bryan Mahoney) - A dwarf barbarian-style warrior with a squeaky voice.
    • Mirdon (voiced by Jon Etheridge) - An old wizard.
    • Neebs (voiced by Brent Triplett) - A talkative elf archer.
  • Consultants to Doraleous and Associates:
    • Broof (voiced by Tony Schnur) - A fearless gruff bald barbarian-style warrior.
    • Sir Walken (voiced by Tony Schnurr) - A human swordsman.


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The series was well received for its humor, storyline and cast of characters and has a fan following. However it is far less popular than another Hank & Jed product Battlefield Friends. As a result, Hank & Jed have not been able to financially justify extending the storyline past 50 episodes.


A fan-made video game based on the series is being developed by Mega Dwarf Inc. It will be a based tactics strategy / puzzle platformer.