Vital statistics
Aliases Unknown
Affiliation Doraleous and Associates
Base of Operations Doraleous' Castle
Relatives "No family"
Occupation Warrior
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Race Human
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice Actor Nate Panning

Doraleous is a skilled warrior and leader of Doraleous and Associates.


Doraleous is muscular man with black hair and a black beard. Doraleous used to be very fit but in later episodes admits he has "let himself go". Doraleous tends to wear chain-mail armor with a sword sheathed on his left shoulder. Doraleous also has a scar above and below his right eye, which he received after tripping over a rug.


Doraleous is a brave and noble warrior, the most serious of Doraleous and Associates. Neebs (and sometimes Mirdon) thinks Doraleous a killjoy. Drak hero-worships him. Sir Walken is his mentor or past mentor, and is proud of Doraleous' developing leadership skills. Doraleous is process-oriented, which leads to conflict with Neebs, who is more outcome-oriented.


Before founding Doraleous and Associates, Doraleous served as a swordsman defending the Gate to the Old World under General Warts. His old commander remains fond of Doraleous and wishes he would return to defending the gate.


  • "I am Doraleous, and these are my associates."
  • "I'm not a bitch."
  • "Neebs you bitch"!!