Judging by the name, Doraleous and Associates seems to organised the way a small legal or professional firm (one that only has one partner) might be in our world. The associates are the characters employed by the firm, as opposed to its principal and owner, Doraleous, and its consultants Broof and (probably) Sir Walken.

Initially the associates are Neebs, Mirdon and Drak. Only Mirdon remains an associate for the entire series, though all three are associates again by the end of the series. In addition Thesaurus is recruited for a time as a replacement for Neebs, and Doraleous tolerates Neebs recruiting Ladder Guy.

The initial associates were all hand-picked by Doraleous. Like Doraleous, they are all highly capable warriors, though not the greatest warriors in Nudonia. They routinely slaughter large numbers of ordinary soldiers but can be outmatched by very large odds. Neebs is the best archer seen in the series, though not good enough to win a fair duel with Titanus. Mirdon, despite senile dementia, is as powerful a wizard as Giligorf though not as powerful as the Old World Wizard. Drak seems to be more skilled than Sir Walken but like Doraleous a less powerful warrior than Broof, Titanus or Testaclees.

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